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Round Three: Stage VII: Greed, No Greater Disaster

Title: Not Greater Disaster
Fandom: Saiyuki
Pairing: Sanzo/Goku
Wordcount: 689 (meep!)
Stage I: Pride, Before A Fall
Stage II: Envy, No Man's Happiness
Stage III: Wrath, A Soft Answer Turneth Away
Stage IV: Lust, A Sensual Tempest
Stage V: Gluttony, Eternal Whisperings
Stage VI: Sloth, Hope of a Fool

Sanzo had mixed feelings about what happened, afterwards. After the first night, he and Goku had fallen into the rhythm of regular sex with surprising ease. During the day and when they were with others, Sanzo treated Goku the same way he always had, and Goku responded in kind. When they were alone, they slowly became more comfortable with their new relationship.

So far, things had more or less turned out all right. This new aspect of their relationship was unexpected and not something he would have initiated himself, but it seemed to be turning out okay. Goku did not push Sanzo or attempt to take any new liberties with him. And Hakkai and Gojyo were apparently all right with it, not that Sanzo cared what they thought. Hakkai, at least, pretended to be unaware of any change in their relationship, which Sanzo deeply appreciated. But Gojyo, being himself had tried to make an inappropriate remark, just once. Sanzo had put a couple bullets in the wall behind him, singing a few strands of red hair as they came dangerously close. Self-preservation instincts had apparently kicked in, as Gojyo had shut up after that.

Sanzo suspected that Hakkai may have spoken to Gojyo as well, and encouraged him not to harass Sanzo or Goku. This irritated Sanzo, but he was willing to put up with the two of them discussing his relationships if it meant that they would be quiet about it.

Sanzo was very firm with himself about what exactly this relationship entailed. He was more or less okay with the unanticipated change in his relationship with Goku. He was all right with the sexual relationship, though it still made him slightly uncomfortable when he thought too deeply about the implications. But he was very determined that the change in their relationship would remain physical, not emotional. Still, Sanzo found himself becoming a bit…possessive.

Sanzo could admit to himself that he might be a little bit possessive with what he considered to be his things. He’d never been much good at sharing, and he wasn’t inclined to start now. In spite of himself, Sanzo rather liked to think that he was the only one Goku was allowed to look at or touch now. Sanzo had always considered Goku his, and now he just felt that he had a hold over another part of him. He had deeply resented it when Goku had responded to anyone else, even before they were lovers. Now the idea almost infuriated him.

Currently, he was scowling at Goku and the young man he was speaking to. Sanzo suspiciously eyed the two of them. The young man in question didn’t appear to be doing anything untoward. Sanzo slowly loosened his grip on his gun, which he hadn’t realized he’d been clutching. He was immediately annoyed with himself and by extension, with Goku. What did it matter if Goku was talking to someone else, or even sleeping with them? There hadn’t been any promises or declarations of exclusivity. Sanzo refused to tie himself that tightly to the monkey, to admit that much of an emotional connection. He resented the implications.

He also resented the knowing looks Hakkai and Gojyo were sending him from where they stood several feet away. He glared at them and then looked deliberately away. Bastards. Looking at him like that, like they knew what he was thinking and refused to admit to himself.

He turned his attention back to Goku, who was waving goodbye to the other man. Glaring suspiciously, Sanzo was slightly startled when Goku turned and met his gaze. Goku gave him a little grin, and then the cheeky bastard actually winked at him. Sanzo quietly seethed and vented to himself about the apparent myriad of people grinning at him like they knew something he didn’t.

He wondered if it would seem too much like he cared if he chased after Goku and beat him to death with his fan for looking at him like that.

He decided it wouldn’t.

Sanzo put away his gun, grabbed a hold of his fan, and set off after his wayward monkey.

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