Tiny Destroyer of Humankind (squirrelarmy) wrote in stagesoflove,
Tiny Destroyer of Humankind

Gleams of Gluttony

Author: Kyra Rivers
Title: Gleams of Gluttony
Challenge: Stage 5: Gluttony
Pairing: Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Fandom: Yami no Matsuei
Words: 300

Hisoka knew at once that he had been caught.

He prided himself on not succumbing to the faults that Tsuzuki so often did. He never prattled on about worthless stuff or smiled when he didn’t mean it. (Tsuzuki would argue he never smiled at all, but that wasn’t the point.) He only rarely came in late to work, and then only with good reason. And he certainly didn’t ever hoard sweets with the ferocity of a mother wolf protecting her pups, either.

Until that moment.

“You like it, don’t you?” Tsuzuki asked, a smirk peeking at the tips of his lips. Oh, he wanted to gloat. Hisoka could tell.

Hisoka slowly pulled the fork from his mouth, trying very hard not to look like he was savoring the bite. (Which he was.) Unfortunately, Tsuzuki had a higher intelligence than a goldfish addicted to meth and saw right through the act.

“I found it!” Tsuzuki said, the smirk turning into a huge grin as he sat back. “You like sour things! Not too sour ‘cause then it gets to be too much, but sour! Sweet and sour! I knew I could make you like dessert!”

Hisoka glared, wishing fiercely that he had never allowed Tsuzuki to order him dessert while he went to the bathroom. He had assumed, from his past instances with Tsuzuki, that Tsuzuki would order about five desserts for himself and then give one to Hisoka. (Usually, Hisoka didn’t like it and Tsuzuki got to eat it. Win-win situation, because Hisoka wasn’t often hungry enough to eat a full dessert.)

He looked at his plate, evaluating which was more important: his pride or his mouth.

It took about ten seconds to decide.

He made a face at Tsuzuki and defiantly took another bite of his lemon meringue pie.
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