tyreling (tyreling) wrote in stagesoflove,

EXO, Kris/Lay

Title: Too sneaky
Author/Artist: tyreling
Fandom: EXO
Focus: Kris/Lay
Theme: #11 Five public places, beach
Rating: overall PG

On their way back to the city, Lu Han made an unplanned stop at the beach along the way. Kris suspected he wanted a romantic escapade with the setting sun as the mood setter. While the designated driver of the group was busy sorting out his issues with the sixth member of the team, Tao and Jongdae had immediately hogged the car seats, kicking everyone out. Kris shrugged off the bad treatment by taking out a towel and spread it on the sand, planning to nap, stretched out. His muscles were groaning when he attempted to relax and he was beginning to feel the effects of his sunburned face as if he had run sandpaper across it.

Sometime later after closing his eyes and listening to the soft roars of the seas and the cries of the seagulls, Kris woke up when the sun was low in the horizon, painting the sky a myriad of pink and red. He shifted. None of his limbs could move. Kris raised his head up to see what was wrong. Only to discover a smiling Yixing piling more sand on Kris’s already buried body.

“What are you doing?”

Yixing wiped his hands over his shorts and pulled out his camera. “Cheese~.”

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