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Gundam Wing, Trowa and Quatre

Title: A Reason To Be Loved
Author/Artist: lil_1337
Theme: Five emotions – Surprise
Rating: G

“Trowa?” Quatre smiled, opening the door a little wider while gesturing for Trowa to come in. “I'd heard from Wufei that you joined Preventers. It suits you. You look good.” His cheeks pinked slightly though he made no attempt to hide his frank appraisal and approval of what he saw. “You've grown up since I last saw you.”

“You have too.” Trowa nodded, his smile equal parts unbridled happiness and nerves. “You look good too.” He paused, struggling to find the words to say all the things that he was feeling. “I'm sorry. For leaving. I wanted to stay. I just couldn't.”

“I know.” Quatre's smile softened and he reached out to rest a hand on Trowa's arm. “I knew you would come back when you were ready.”

“I did. I am. If you still want me I won't leave again.”

Quatre smiled and reached out to draw Trowa close. “Of course I do. I always have.”

Taking a deep breath Trowa wrapped his arms around Quatre and buried his face in space between Quatre's neck and shoulder. When Quatre's arms came up to encircle him and hold him Trowa knew he had finally come home.
Tags: gundam wing, quatre raberba winner/trowa barton
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