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Marvel Movie Universe, Clint Barton/Phil Coulson

Title: Side By Side
Author/Artist: lil_1337
Theme: Five pieces of leather – Jacket
Rating: G

The jacket is made of carefully distressed brown leather and has an American flag sown over the left breast pocket. It cost Phil all of his first paycheck, which he earned bagging groceries the summer he turned sixteen, since it was a exact replica of the bomber jacket worn by Captain American. A such it was the only piece of memorabilia that Phil had never treated as a collectable once he was old enough to have a true understanding of the word. Wearing the jacket got him through some rough times in college when he was coming to terms with his sexuality and kept him focused on the goals he had set for himself. Since joining SHIELD Phil only wore it on very special occasions like anniversary dates.

Clint woke up slowly with the headache from hell and no idea where he was. His last memories were a blur of fists and bullets. The solid weight of the jacket helped to ground him as did the smell of Phil's cologne. Smiling despite his cracked lip and bruised cheekbone Clint pulled it tighter around himself. His blood was going to stain the leather and Phil didn't seem to notice or care.
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