tyreling (tyreling) wrote in stagesoflove,

EXO, Kris/Lay

Title: Too high
Author/Artist: tyreling
Fandom: EXO
Focus: Kris/Lay
Theme: #11 Five public places, pool
Rating: overall PG

Yixing bent his knees and stared into the large red tunnel when it was finally his turn to slide down to the big pool.

“Get in, it’s your turn.” Kris, who was right behind him, nudged Yixing to the next plastic ring.

“It’s a long way down, you know.” Yixing said in a small voice but Kris was close enough to hear the tremble.

“Don’t tell me you’re also afraid of heights like Xiao Lu?”

“No, I’m not… but the tunnel is really long…” Yixing bit his lip and jumped when the people in the line behind became impatient and started pushing forward.

Kris sighed, jerked back to push anyone pressuring him to move forward, and then grabbed Yixing’s wrist. “It’s too bad the policy is one ring per person. Otherwise I could hold your hand or something. Look, I’ll be right behind you. I can swim pretty well myself, so don’t worry.”

Yixing stared at Kris’s hand around his wrist and then at Kris’s face. A slow watery smile trembled on Yixing’s lips. “My hero?” Dimples on both side of his face…  

Kris wanted to slam his face against the wall, because Yixing did not just fucking give him such an irresistible come hither expression.
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