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Weiss Kreuz, Schwarz, G

Ancient Seas
Author: daegaer
Five Natural disasters (tsunami)
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Characters: Crawford, Schuldig, Farfarello, Nagi

"Relax," Crawford said. "Mars is a dead planet, we can't face natural disasters here."

Spacesuits or not, the expressions on Schwarz's faces were perfectly clear. He sighed.

"Once we kill the scientists trying to find water we'll leave. Dinner's on me for a week."

"A month," Schuldig said.

"A year," Farfarello added.

"Forever," Nagi said.

Distant explosions made the ground shudder ominously; they all looked at the horizon in shock.

"I think they found water," Farfarello said.

As the hundred-foot wall of water raced towards them, Crawford reflected that at least his teammates would shoot him before he could drown.

Weiss Kreuz, Crawford/Schuldig, G

In Full Spate
Author: daegaer
Five Natural disasters, week 4 (flood)
Fandom: Weiss Kreuz
Characters: Crawford/Schuldig

"Nothing's going to happen this week, right?" Schuldig said, murmuring threateningly in Crawford's ear. "No eruptions, earthquakes or raging infernos?"

"No," Crawford said dismissively. "And any killing will be purely recreational."

"Speaking of which, where's the room service?" Schuldig said.

"Give a good tip when it gets here."

"I'll give a tip all right," Schuldig muttered, loading his pistol.

Hours later, they finally got out of bed. As Schuldig ranted about bad service Crawford strolled to the window and looked out, appalled. Water rushed past, a foot below their fifth floor room.

It was entirely possible he needed a retuning.
Subject: The Professionals: Bodie/Doyle
Title: A Touching Confession
Author/Artist: Merentha
Theme: slash
Rating: adult
Author's Notes: just borrowing the lads, no copyright infringement intended. Thanks to golden_bastet for involving me in this and then patiently suffering the consequences! *g*

Bodie closed his eyes and laid his head next to Ray’s on the hospital bed. What was it about this man that touched him so deeply? Why did the thought of losing Ray affect him so? How had Ray gotten under his skin?
A finger lightly tapped the end of his nose.
“Penny for ‘em,” whispered words stirred his hair, caressed his cheek.
“I’m sorry, Ray. For walkin’ out.” The confession tumbled out, surprising them both. “I love you.”
“I want it all – with you.”
Ray’s lips met his.
“You sure?”
Bodie smiled. “Yeah,feels good, this.
“Commitment .”

EXO, Kris/Lay

Title: Too sneaky
Author/Artist: tyreling
Fandom: EXO
Focus: Kris/Lay
Theme: #11 Five public places, beach
Rating: overall PG

what are you doing?Collapse )

Dragaera, Aerich/Tazendra

Title: Trailhead
Author/Artist: Becca Stareyes
Theme: 5 stages of life: death
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Set shortly after Sethra Lavode, and spoilers for that. Mentions of canonical character death.

Concerning the many paths of the dead.Collapse )

Gundam Wing, Trowa and Quatre

Title: A Reason To Be Loved
Author/Artist: lil_1337
Theme: Five emotions – Surprise
Rating: G

That love will always find a wayCollapse )
Title: Side By Side
Author/Artist: lil_1337
Theme: Five pieces of leather – Jacket
Rating: G

The fifth step is falling in loveCollapse )

Final Week

Posting for week #5 is underway. You will have until Saturday, October 13, 2012 to post your response. If you're slightly behind with your replies, please take this week to catch up.

Remember, you're free to interpret each theme however you wish. Each drabble or ficlet can be self-contained, but all combined must create some sort of over-all story arc.

Dragaera, Aerich/Tazendra

Title: Inheritance
Author/Artist: Becca Stareyes
Theme: Five stages of life: birth
Rating: G
Author's Notes: Set between Five Hundred Years After and The Paths of the Dead (or at least the main bits).

A birth announcement, a change of inheritance, and a renewal of interest.Collapse )
Subject: The Professionals: Bodie/Doyle
Title: The Smell of Fear (Exploring a relationship through 5 senses #4 –smell)
Author/Artist: Merentha
Theme: slash
Rating: adult
Author's Notes: just borrowing the lads, no copyright infringement intended

Bodie quietly entered Doyle’s flat. After three days the air still stank of cordite, blood, and sour milk. Two bullets had found Doyle here, in his own home. Bodie wandered through the silent rooms ignoring his own rank fear that Doyle wouldn’t survive - his fear that this empty silence would permeate the rest of his life. A faint scent of their recent coupling lingered in the bedroom. Rumpled sheets stuffed in the laundry smelled of his cowardice. He’d panicked at the intimacy Doyle had unconditionally offered. He’d run, leaving Doyle hurt. He hoped it wasn’t too late to beg forgiveness.


The Multifandom Stages of Love Drabble Challenge

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